Heroine and Asagi's younger sister. A beautiful young girl favoring a winning, vigorous attitude. She holds one side of her sister as being brave and gallant. Much like Asagi, she’s (well) endowed with the strong ability of the ninja from heredity, yet her strength is still much at an apprentice level. She wants to use her strength for the benefit of justice, aspiring to become an Anti-Demon Ninja member, opposing evil with Asagi. Nevertheless, she keeps her pursuit of knowledge and training hidden from her older sister. In the hentai OVA series, Sakura is depicted as more of a young fertility goddess. Being only sixteen years old and having absolutely massive breasts. She is sexually objectified by just about every male character. In an attempt to rescue her older sister Asagi, Sakura is captured and forced to be a sex slave with her sister. During this time, Sakura is administered a drug against her will which increases the size and production of her mammary glands. This undoubtedly takes a toll on her combat skills and dexterity over all and leaves her a (mostly) defenseless school girl with giant milk filled boobs. It is at this point that Sakura is continuously raped and filled with semen by everything ranging from orcs and men to tentacles. She progressively becomes more obedient and accepting of her sex slave status. By the end of the OVA she is fiendishly sucking semen out of her masters penis and begging for more.