Template:Character Infobox - Taimanin Asagi Mizuki Yukikaze is an Anti-Demon Ninja, and a student of Asagi. She is one of the main characters of the Taimanin Yukikaze. Young versus Manin that it is expected that the new generation of forces. In prestigious that produced a use "art of Kaminari遁" from generation to generation, she also uses the late father same "Kaminari遁art of". A powerful jutsu and "art of Kaminari遁" to manipulate lightning, what in the attack system ninja is said to be the strongest of firepower. Since the control is difficult her manipulate lightning strike can be powerful too among them, are using a gun that has been specially produced as a catalyst to exercise the art. Yukikaze is produced the bullet of lightning in the gun, can be fired as a powerful lightning strike bullets. The Dual wield to prey, and has the nickname of "blitz of Taimanin" from the figure that emits lightning bullets to dance. Unyielding a sore loser, is in occasionally scratches height of pride, only heart forgive trouble and is not able to progress to Tatsuro and quite romantic relationship Akiyama childhood friend. Pretty you have year-round tan I like to play anyway by moving the body.

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