Taimanin Asagi's protagonist. Member of the Anti-Demon Ninja Clan. She is a female ninja of justice going against the demon people's heretical doctrine. She lost both of her parents early and now only has her sister. Ingenious at the martial art of fencing, she has speedily excelled her training, and is recognized from her achievements thus far as the strongest of those repelling the demon influence. Her childhood friend, and her love, Kyousuke Sawaki, kept her father company as a pupil of his until he passed away. Above anything else, all female ninjas, like Asagi, walk among the scenes of carnage, and as such, believes that her duties always take priority, thus regards and acknowledges lovemaking as strictly taboo, and as such, Asagi is forced, much too often, to cast away Kyousuke's love.

Asagi also has demon blood in her veins, as revealed in Taimanin Asagi 2 (game and anime). This triggers when subjected to the emotional and sexual abuse to such a degree that it forces its way out and her inner demon, Kage, alters her appearance and strengthens her powers to an insane level.

Ninja ArtEdit

Ninja Arts: Sword Battle Petal A kind of branching technique. It is able to bury several opponents all at once, sending it out in an arc to hundreds of bodies at its greatest efficiency. Furthermore, its scope reaches one's field of vision, being able to send out in an instant anywhere a delivery, sort of like an aircraft fighter locking on a target. This battle system of ninjitsu is at its strongest when its used in close quarters.